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PADI Jr. Open Water Diver course details

Now is the time to dive into the PADI Jr. Open Water Diver course, the most popular dive program in the world! This is your ticket to a lifetime of intense adventure with PADI, the dive company that sets the standards in the global diving community.

Why PADI Jr. Open Water?

As a certified PADI Jr. Open Water Diver, the most widely recognized and respected rating in the world, you have the freedom to dive with a certified adult buddy independent of a professional. If you already tried a PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience or are PADI Scuba Diver certified, check with your instructor to see how credit from these courses may apply to the open water program.

What do I need to start?

Virtually anyone who is in good health, reasonably fit, and comfortable in the water can earn a PADI Open Water Diver certification. (click here for copy of medical release)

  • A PADI Jr Open Water Diver between the ages of 10 and 12 years may only dive with a PADI Professional, a certified parent or certified guardian to a maximum depth of 12 meters/40 feet.

Course includes:

  • 5 Classroom sessions
  • 5 Pool sessions (heated indoor pool)
  • Educational material 
    Text Book 
    Log Book 
    RDP table & guide
    Student folder
  • Educational Video or DVD rental
  • Student photos
  • FREE DAN diver insurance
  • 6 months FREE Dive Training Magazine
  • Use of Tanks, BCD, Regulator & Weights for all pool sessions

What you need to provide

Required Personal Gear: Mask, Fin, Snorkel, Boots and whistle, Smb
Students receive a 15% discount on their required gear purchase.
(Sale Items Not Included)

Click here for:
Medical release
Youth diving acknowledgement

The cost of the Jr. Open Water course is $175.

(class - $69, materials - $75, DVD rental - $6, TOTAL - $175)

Ages 10 and older. Minimum of 3 people or class may be canceled



*Open water dives require Whistle and Surface marker buoy
**Certification trip not included

NOTE: Course is based on student reading manual, completing Knowledge Reviews and watching DVD, prior to class. Students need their own personal equipment consisting of mask, fins, snorkel and boots. The Dive Shop offers a 15% discount to all Open Water students on their personal equipment.


What does the course cost? - $175

(class - $94, materials - $75, DVD rental - $6, TOTAL - $175)

Class Schedule:

Tuesday 6:30PM -10:00PM
        Orientation, equipment assembly, Class Chapter I & II

Thursday 6:30PM -10:00PM
        Class Chapters III, IV

Saturday 7:00AM -4:00PM
        Swim, Tread,;Pool I, II; lunch; Class: dive computers, continuing education
        Personnel gear, swimsuit, towel, books

Sunday 7:00AM -4:00PM
        Pool III, IV, V, Classroom V - Final Exam
        Personnel gear, swimsuit, towel, books



Call 520-326-DIVE to register for a PADI Jr.Open Water Course.

The Dive Shop is a PADI Five Star Instructor Development Center

The PADI System of diver education is based on progressive training that introduces skills, safety-related information and local environmental knowledge to student divers in stages. PADI courses are student-centered and provide maximum practice and realistic application.