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Dive into the huge, 74 degree, spring fed lake.  With a max depth of 25 ft., and visibly ranging from  60 ft. to 100 ft., the diving can't get much easier! This is a great place  to get certified or to do some continuing education. You can always just do a dive for fun and see the many species of fish, inverts, and birds that live in and around the lake. Two species of endangered fishes inhabit the pool: Comanche Springs Pupfish and Pecos Gambusia (mosquito fish).



How long of a drive:


Balmorhea is an 8 - 9 hour drive from Tucson.




There are a three hotels in Balmorhea and camp sites are also available. Rooms and camp sites can fill up fast so reserve early.



All Balmorhea trips include BCD, Regulator, weights, and tank rentals. 

Open water student - $234

Continuing education - $99

Diver - $69

No accommodations or meals included. 



Balmorhea Trip Dates - 2016




Minimum of 4 people or the trip cancels



  • February 17 - 19
  • April 14 -16
  • November 17 - 19
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Call 520-326-DIVE for more information.

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